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Poster: fourios Date: Jul 23, 2004 2:48am
Forum: prelinger Subject: mpeg4 quality

Working on a documentary that will use some archival footage I am wondering if anyone can tell me how good the editable mpeg 4 footage works? Would it hold up in a video to film transfer in order to project it with a 35mm projector?

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Poster: ridetheory Date: Jul 23, 2004 1:35pm
Forum: prelinger Subject: Re: mpeg4 quality

I'm using the editable MP4 files for a project which will probably only be shown on a large TV in front of a small audience. If I were going to use it with a video projector, it would be barely acceptable, and it would look awful on a full-sized movie screen.

Use the MP2, as long as you have the disk space.

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Poster: Old_Skool Date: Jul 23, 2004 6:03am
Forum: prelinger Subject: Re: mpeg4 quality

I'd use the MPEG2 versions or the MPEG1 at a minimum. The MPEG4/DivX versions of everything on this site is encoded at the absolute marginal edge, it's pretty bad in my opinion.